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Tom Saint spills tea and spits venom on breakup single ‘Halloween XXXmas’

London based singer-songwriter/producer and nu-emo figurehead Tom Saint is setting the record straight on how it really feels to watch your relationship turn from a Christmas wish to a Halloween nightmare.

After his previous project (that shall remain unnamed) fell apart soon after signing a deal at the behest of his former band mate, Tom’s life was in disarray.

In Saints own words - ‘I was crushed, I thought my world was crumbling around me.

I was self medicating with prescription painkillers and contemplating suicide.

Then I met a girl who had also endured some heavy trauma in her life.

Together we healed each other and eventually moved in together.

When you support someone emotionally it can become an all consuming part of your life and I felt I owed it to her as she had also saved me in return.

This song is a reflection of how volatile love can be and how mental health issues can affect you and your partner and the choices you both make.’

Saint also created the 80s horror movie inspired artwork.

‘I took a shovel, my camera and a tripod to Hampstead Heath in the dead of night and dug a giant hole to shoot this cover of my hand reaching out of the dirt. It’s a symbol of where I’ve come from and how I’ve grown.’

A music video is also due for release in which Saint will be ‘laying to rest’ some of his worst critics.

‘The music business is full of ugly people and I intend to expose every single one of them.’