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Traveller - The One

Traveller is a singer/songwriter who believes in the power of songs to inspire as well as entertain. Never really believing himself to possess any real musical talent, but not being one to let lack of experience get in the way of exploring new pathways in life, he wrote a song in his head on the way back from work one day.

It was called Second Wind and the lyrics, including “Time is an hour-glass, and it’s running out fast” inspired him to stop wondering and develop as a musician, by improving his guitar-playing, performing at open-mics, writing lots of songs and ultimately form his own band. Called “Silent Frenzy”, to reflect the inner fire behind his outwardly calm exterior, they performed all over London and got to the semi-finals of a national talent competition, recording many catchy, melodic songs on the way in a pop/rock style.

Moving on from that, he experimented by learning how to produce music in various styles and opted for a guitar-based sound with modern, eclectic production effects, and wrote many more songs reflecting his journey in life - thus the new artist name “Traveller”. With lyrics that are poetic, deep and yet somehow very accessible, and songs that are as catchy as anything, Traveller is now recording and promoting an album set for release in mid-2019, including by creating videos that tell stories built on the meaning in his songs, and performing monthly gigs in London with other musicians.

New Single The One

An lush, infectious, guitar-driven ballad accompanied by an inspiring forthcoming video, about the power of loss and redemption. Featuring great lyrics like : “Can’t see the light, spending all night, planning a trip to the store”; and “I sailed right through the ocean, beneath the setting sun, now I’m crying when I thought I’d found the one”.

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