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Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue Release 2nd Single

Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue are a UK based Indie Pop Band, consisting of members Kami Ivanova (vocals, guitar), Zak Lyons (guitar, keys) and Tom Monk (bass, drums, backing vocals).

The 3 piece are releasing their second single Dinner Party on March 27th, 2020.

Dinner Party was written by Lyons and Ivanova in April 2019 after both felt frustrated with how easy it was to lose friends at university.

“We wrote the song from start to finish in one sitting. I remember we were struggling to begin the song but once we had the first line, nobody I know can make plans with me, the rest of the song just fell into place.” Lyons says.

“The song began with lyrics innocently expressing my frustration with my friends but as the song grew it became much darker!” Ivanova laughs. “When we wrote the verse line, maybe I should kill all of my friends, Zak and I knew we wanted to take that sentiment further in the chorus.”

Lyons then recalls, “Kami and I had been writing together for a while and we had found a good rhythm together. We were starting to push each other to write more interesting lyrics and uncover the true emotion behind our songs.”

Kami adds, “Which is clearly that sometimes you just need to move on from your current friends. Kill them off, get them out your life!”

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