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Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue Release EP

Sugar Freak will be available on all major streaming platforms from 4th September 2020, and will debut with a music video release for every new track on the EP.

With a busy release schedule, including a 17 track album, the 4 piece London band have big plans for the rest of the year, and plenty of new music on the way.

Unbound by genre, the four piece’s eclectic sound often features warm and resolute guitars weaving between memorable synthesizers and grounded bass and drum kit. However, the band aren’t afraid to strip the instrumentation down to deliver maximum impact. Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue succeed in creating a universal and familiar pop sound, whilst simultaneously breaking and redefining the genre.

“Sugar Freak to me is all about focusing on yourself and growing as a person. I wrote Your Baby such a long time ago. It used to be a slow acoustic ballad that sounded quite eerie. I then remember taking it to the band and it all of a sudden became this very bouncy, yet still a bit creepy Tropical track. It really came to life once Zak recorded all the keys parts for it.”

“Reverence is one of my most favourite tracks. When Zak played it to me for the first time, I couldn’t get it out of my head. I couldn’t wait to record it. It’s so easy to sing and it feels very empowering. I remember Zak and I writing the chorus and it felt so right when it came together.” Kami remembers

Zak adds “I remember showing Facing Myself Again to Kami. I had written the song for a uni performance. It’s a very personal one to me. Takes me back to my childhood and so many memories of my old blue room. After having Kami sing on it we very soon decided that it needed to be a Tropical song and now it’s one of my favourites!”

Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue are a UK based Indie Pop Band, consisting of members Kami Ivanova (vocals, guitar), Zak Lyons (guitar, keys), Adam Thomas (bass), and Craig Medlin (guitar).

Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue first met at high school and became good friends, playing music together and being involved in many different bands. After Ivanova and Lyons went to the same university they began writing and recording what would become the band’s debut EP ‘Go!’. When university finished they moved to London and recruited Thomas and Medlin.

Their music offers the listener moments of clarity about personal experiences as well as transportive stories exploring deeper themes and global issues. The bands live shows are not to be missed as the group invites friends to the stage to help them deliver strikingly honest takes on their pop bangers.