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Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue Release New Single

Fresh from the attention of BBC 6 Music and Radio X, Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue announce the release of their new single ‘Gunna Make You A Star’

The 4 piece London band are moving into a new era named the Something I Can Feel Alive In Anthology. The era will see the group release a run of singles looking at moments they feel most alive; the things they are grateful for and the vices they have.

The second single in this new era is called Gunna Make You A Star and will be available on all major streaming platforms from the 6th November 2020, with a music video release found above.

Unbound by genre, the four piece’s eclectic sound often features warm and resolute guitars weaving between memorable synthesizers and grounded bass and drum kit. However, the band is equally at home stripping the instrumentation down to deliver maximum impact. Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue succeeds in creating a universal and familiar pop sound, whilst simultaneously breaking and redefining the genre.

Kami Ivanova said: “Gunna Make You A Star is the saddest happy song Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue have written. I remember being in a class at uni when Zak first played me the demo. It was beautiful. The lyrics are humble and thoughtful but still positive. Looking at all that is good in your life and acknowledging everything the people around you have done for you. I loved recording the vocals for the track as there was a lot of space to glide through.”

Zak Lyons said: "Gunna Make You A Star began life as a jam along to David Essex's song Gonna Make You A Star. I had listened to the Chet Faker Song Exploder Podcast where Chet talks about the seed idea for his song Gold coming from playing and trying to cover David Essex's song Rock On. I thought that's a different way to start writing a song! So I put Gonna Make You A Star on and began playing my acoustic along to it. Once I had the guitar melody I turned David Essex off and quickly found words for the first verse and chorus. I love the vocal Kami recorded, she brought a lot of weight to the words. The vocal textures are gorgeous.”