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Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue release of their new single, I Can Run Faster Than Your Car

The 4 piece London band are moving into a new era named the Something I Can Feel Alive In Anthology. The era will see the group release a run of singles looking at moments they feel most alive; the things they are grateful for and the vices they have.

I Can Run Faster Than Your Car will be available on all major streaming platforms from 16th October 2020.

Unbound by genre, the four piece’s eclectic sound often features warm and resolute guitars weaving between memorable synthesizers and grounded bass and drum kit. However, the band is equally at home stripping the instrumentation down to deliver maximum impact. Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue succeeds in creating a universal and familiar pop sound, whilst simultaneously breaking and redefining the genre.

Zak Lyons said: "I Can Run Faster Than Your Car is my favourite Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue song to play live. The track speeds along and feels amazing when the audience sings the title back to us. We wrote I Can Run the same day we wrote our song Dinner Party. After writing Dinner Party we felt bold in our lyric choices and began throwing increasingly ridiculous lyrics at each other. This led to many lyrics being cut from the song as we were suggesting things to make each other laugh but the metaphor of the relationship being a car the character no longer needed and could outrun felt original and intriguing.”

Kami Ivanova adds: “As a writer you want to find new ways to articulate thoughts that everybody has had. After a break up you can feel as if "actually I don't need that person at all, I can take on the whole world alone". Telling your ex you don't need them and can leave them in the dust gives me that energy. We do have a great voice note on our phones of us singing it with the original lyrics that is hilarious. Still... I'm glad we changed the lyrics to be a bit more serious!”