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Two Hicks One Cityman, new single "Funk#88" out June 14th

Funk#88 is the second single taken from Two Hicks One Cityman second album “Ukiyo”. The song, already a live favourite, rises around a raw, compelling and – yes! - funky guitar riff, while the final sing-a-long is surprisingly inspired by Italian classic songwriting from the '70s.

The single will be out on June 14th, with a brand new video to follow, shot in the dim lights of dawn on the beach, playing with summer's stereotypes and filmstars archetypes.

THOC are a trio based in Mantova. Still young, all members used to play in other bands: Alessandro Castagnoli (voice, guitar & synth) was in Dustcloak and – also with Giorgio Caiazzo (drums) - in Quarter Past One, who got some European attention with gigs in Germany and the UK. Francesco Zaniboni (bass and vocals) is the new ace addition to the team.

“Ukiyo” - released in April 2019 on the newborn and ambitious Sicilian label Nesc’i Dischi – sounds programmatically adventurous. Ukiyo is the name of the celeb Japanese art school widely know for Hokusai masterpiece “The Great Wave off Kanagawa”, but the word also describes a fluctuating universe, not subject to the life / death rules of the Buddhist cycle. For THOC Ukiyo means also the power tofeel at peace in the midst of oddities, a state of mind that perfectly describes the band's mood during the album's writings and recordings.

The final result is a true explosion of synthpop, indie and funk, a skyscrapers' skyline in vivid and saturated colours. Attention to details and the research for a refined sound come from the discovery of synthpop from the '80s: keyboards and guitars create new textures while the rhythm section works as the engine. “Ukiyo” is generous with tunes, choruses and earworms, but neither falls into predictability nor forget the soul behind them.

Just listen to the first single “Love The Vibe”, or even better check its displacing video shot in Tokyo by Francesco Federico Pedrielli aka River, and you'll find yourself not far from Phoenix journeys in style.

As the band says “Ukiyo represents our inquisitive approach to the world of sounds, which pushes us to explore new places. Is the end of a journey and the beginning of a new one. Come ride with us!”

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