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Tyneside Quintet, Parallax Skies, Release Bittersweet Single “Judith”

Maintaining the momentum established by their previous single, Parallax Skies now release their second song of the year: a nostalgia-tinged, bittersweet song titled “Judith” that evokes the Alternative-Rock sound of the 80’s.

“[Judith] is about the romanticisation of childhood memories; as over time you forget the rough edges, leaving you with a polished version of your own experiences” explains drummer, Marty Hayes.

With a driving rhythm courtesy of the drums, the song “Judith” gives hints towards the band’s live shows, which exhibit astonishing levels of energy from all band members, making them a force of nature at gigs.

Furthermore, the income generated from sales and streams of the song “Judith” will be donated to the Newcastle West End Foodbank to help local people in crisis. The band will have the song available on Bandcamp for £1 for anyone wishing to buy the single directly.


Discovered via Musosoup