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TYO - I Wanna Do It But I Wanna Do It Right


What is the most valuable asset that life has to offer?

Most of us would probably consider money, or maybe love... but in my opinion it is TIME. Corona may have changed a lot of things and put a huge spoke in all of our wheels. However, if there is one thing I would be grateful for that Corona has given to each and every one of us, it is exactly that precious resource.

Infinite time means infinite freedom and therefore infinite possibilities. The biggest lesson I learned last year was how to use this newfound time and freedom: I improved my language skills, studied the theories of harmony more extensively, and wrote countless poems to find or get to know my true self.

These tasks definitely helped me to improve my skills and craftsmanship as a musician, but creating art requires more than just mastering one's craft. Ultimately, I came to the realization that I already had the answers inside of me all along…

I found out that to be my true self, I just had to shed everything that I was not, so that in the end, only the real me would remain.


As a german with asian roots, one thing is made clear from the start: you are neither at home in Germany nor in Asia.

Recurrent questions like "where are you REALLY from?" harshly force you to deal intensively with your cultural and personal identity and that already at a very young age. Spending a night in a youth home shows you that you are at least not alone with these kinds of struggles, such as an abusive and alcoholic father, and that you actually still can be grateful for what you have, since it could be much worse after all.

To go to school in the richest area in Düsseldorf and to secretly live from Hartz 4, as I later learned, is also not such an uncommon thing, but is hidden by most, like me at the time. We just all felt left alone and forced to cope with these struggles on our own. For a long time I have not been able to talk about these issues, but now I have come to terms with them and for the first time I feel ready to share them with my listeners to show them that they are also not alone, nobody is.

When the pandemic started my producer Toto and I started to write and produce one song a day. From these 30 songs we chose the 6 most representative songs to create my EP "I wanna do it but I wanna do it right".


In the quest for finding himself, after a detour around commercial Pop music and trappy beats, the search has finally ended. To be yourself, rather than searching outside for the answers, you just have to let go of the things you’re not, cause you are always you!

When was the last time you heard an Artist bring something new to the table? If you don’t remember let me tell you.. today is the day! “I wanna do it but I wanna do it right”

The 6 songs over 15 min take the listener on a journey to the inner depth of TYO’s soul. The trio consisting of TYO (Artist) Toto (Producer) and Yuval (Mixing Engineer) worked half a year on delivering a cutting edge sound with beat switches, unusual vocals and emotional rants, that touch the listeners souls. The songs fly around spirituality, vulnerability and most of all relatability, for teenagers and adults alike, for anyone who has ever felt out of place.

The mood of the EP covers a wide array of emotions, starting off energetic, hip hoppy, and rocky and then going, emotional, chill and deep.

“I Wanna Do It But I Wanna Do It Right”

The further you go out of your comfort zone and detach yourself from the general concept of predictability, the more room you can leave for miracles. To the question "do you believe in miracles?" I would say YES with absolute certainty.

Let's make this miracle a reality! :)