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Upcoming Aussie composer Matthew Garrod releases his new EP ‘Canyons’ out now

About ‘Canyons EP’, released 26 April

A distinct yet logical progression from Matthew Garrod’s folk-pop debut, ‘Bad Memory Blaze’, ‘Canyons’ is an altogether deeper and more dynamic proposition. As soon as the intro track ‘Lonely Ghost’ fades in, with all its glimmering ambience, an audio journey begins that oscillates between upbeat indie, slick synth pop and tracks consisting of little more than a simple upright piano and string accompaniment. One constant throughout ‘Canyons’, however, is Garrod’s mature, provocative and intricately cynical songwriting, characterising a singer who’s affirmatively found his groove.

‘Canyons’ EP track listings

Intro (Lonely Ghost)



This Town

We’re on a Ship

Older Brother

About ‘This Town’

“We often become aware of wrong-doings when in the midst of manipulative environments, but rather than calling out the issue we are encouraged to look the other way.” Matthew Garrod

It might focus on themes of restraint, uniformity and powerlessness, but Matthew Garrod’s ‘This Town’ is an unashamed example of classic widescreen pop, with more hooks than your average fishing fleet. Propelled by driving acoustic guitar, heavily reverbed synth stabs and melodic bass runs, ‘This Town’ is fresh and immediate; the memorable vocal melody of its verse is only topped by the singalongability of the chorus.

That feelgood refrain directly counteracts the cynicism of the lyrical content, forming an uplifting juxtaposition to a track that, as Matthew Garrod explains, “explores environments where manipulation and scandal block creativity and innovation. It’s about how people tend to deal with these issues of monotony and captivity.”

A well-deserved finalist in the 2018 International Songwriting Competition, ‘This Town’, released on 22 March, is the lead track from the Australian singer-songwriter’s debut solo EP, ‘Canyons’.

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20th May - The Finsbury, Manor House, London, N4

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