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Vauus shares his new single 'Boy'

Boy is the new single by the upcoming indie-dance artist Vauus. The song is a youthful anthem celebrating love and the yearning felt by questioning millennials with neon synths, 80s guitars, and a bouncing groove that keeps you dancing all the way till the end.

The song was recorded and produced by Vauus in his bedroom and mixed and mastered by Malcolm Besley of Northeast Party House giving it that signature punch needed for a dancefloor. Of the song’s context, Vauus says

“Boy is about a time when I was going out a lot to this Melbourne club, Revolver, and when a girl I was in love with came home from overseas and we shared a crazy weekend together. It’s about being young and in love and overthinking everything. It was a time where I was filled with a lot of self-doubt, but also a lot of love.”

Steph Hughes of national broadcaster Triple j reviewed Vauus’ first single Deep by saying, ‘Loving/needing this glitzy introspective moment.’ Deep is just the beginning of the journey Vauus has planned for 2020 with Boy being the next of many releases to come.

Vauus draws inspiration from the late 2000s indie rock Brisbane scene to the pounding deep house/techno clubs of Melbourne. His new brand of self-produced bedroom music was written for those lonely glass-of- wine nights at home and for a ruckus neon-drenched dance floor.

At 17, Vauus moved to Melbourne attending the Victorian College of the Arts to study film while playing in a band until he turned 20. After the band broke up, Vauus turned back to his roots, self producing music on Ableton. For the past 5 years, Vauus has put his main focus towards making films, with a short film of his, The Suburbs Go On Forever, a feature film The Age of Imitation and a web series Everything’s Going To Be Fine playing at a total of over 23 festivals around the world. Music has always been an important component to film making for Vauus, as he scored most of the music in The Age of Imitation and Everything’s Going To Be Fine totalling in over 70 compositions. As a filmmaker, Vauus directed his own video, creating a shimmering neon collage of being young, reckless and in love.

With this love of so many genres of music, Vauus started writing what would become a 17 track album, written as the soundtrack for his new television series, Somewhere Else, currently in development. Until then, Boy is the the shining sound of a young man on the rise.

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