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VIGGO - Get Up!

"Get Up!"  is the second single by VIGGO, an artistic collective based in Oslo, Norway.  Sometimes cool, always passionate in their expression, their retrospectively modern electronic pop music gathers inspiration from both jazz and the atmospheric pop music of the eighties and nineties.

The song "Get Up!" is about self made limitations and overcoming them:

«Fear is part of the human condition and can be very limiting. But most of our prisons and contained spaces we construct ourselves. Sometimes freedom is just about getting up and realizing that the walls you thought were stopping you, are not really there. You’re free to go. Or dance.»

Behind VIGGO are three separately well established Norwegian artists of different genres, Sjur Miljeteig, Charlotte Qvale and Marte Wulff, and their mascot and alter ego: dancer and choreographer Geir Hytten. Hytten embodies VIGGO in a series of music videos following the bands singles.

VIGGO’s goal is to loose the unconscious, forced habits of the ego through motion and creative exploration. This is also an analogy for the collectives journey towards the stage when their debut album is released later this spring.

Discovered via Musosoup