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Weesp Releases New Album - Crystal Clear Waters

On September 11 Weesp released its new album Crystal Clean Waters. It features 7 tracks from the previous albums (The Void and Black Sails) played with acoustic instruments and two songs from the last album recorded live during the show in Minsk.

It’s interesting how naturally the sound of the oldschool Oberheim synth mixed into the sound of the album, written under the impression of the “Stranger Things” series. The songs are expressive and bold yet recognizable and retained in a signature Weesp style.

The band filmed music video for new versions of “illumination”, “Red Neon Glow” and “Monsters” songs, which are already available on YouTube.

As Weesp guys say, they had a great time recording acoustic songs but they never stopped working on the next album too.

Enjoy Crystal Clean Waters - the album is definitely worth your attention and is already available on all major digital platforms.

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