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Welcome to the Wild Wild West

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The Double A Side

1. Wild Wild West

2. What's the Matter With You

Wild Wild West' written with Billy Smiley and Catlin Rushing hints at the darker side of the music industry and some of the less than savoury characters involved: “It’s about those who try to use, abuse and take advantage of those who love their art (Luckily, I’ve not met many of them, but I have danced with the Devil on a couple of occasions!!!) 

"What's The Matter With You' is pretty self- explanatory, It’s desperately asking the question to someone you love ‘What’s the matter with you?’ and trying to find out what’s gone wrong.”

We've added the video to Graffiti Vibe TV (Channel 3)

What's The Matter With You (1st Feb) written by Elles Bailey, Bobby Wood & Roger Cook.

Directed by George Montague, Camera work by Cam McMillan

Guitar - Joe Wilkins, Chris Leuzinger, Bass - Zak Ranyard, Hammond Organ - Jonny Henderson, Piano - Jimmy Nichols, Drums - Matthew Jones, BV's - Kim Keyes

Special thanks to Christ Church Clifton for letting us use their beautiful church!

Big shout outs Spotify for featuring 'What's The Matter With You' at the TOP of Blue Ballads and Nu Blue :) Medicine Man still features on the Nu Blue Playlist too!

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News story provided by Elles Bailey