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Welsh Noise Quintet DEATH CULT ELECTRIC release their new single 'Deleter'

"The sound of alcohol gel obliterating Covid-19, it's great isn't it, it's also known as ‘Deleter‘“- Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales

‘Exists to serve no other purpose than to ignite utter chaos wherever it goes’ - Jack Saunders, BBCR1, Next Wave

‘Death Cult Electric, the Welsh supergroup, that is their new single Deleter’ - John Kennedy, Radio X 

‘From Cardiff, obsessed, with this, this is Death Cult Electric’ - Huw Stephens, BBC 6 Music Recommends

‘There are microbes on volcanic Vents that have a easier time then Steffan Pringle's larynx  but thank God for his sacrifices in that respect, that's very very good indeed’ - Adam Walton, BBC Introducing Wales

‘We are delving over the Welsh border to a brand new band, Death Cult Electric’ -  Elise Cobain, Amazing Radio

‘WOW, Thats is Fantastic, DEATH CULT ELECTRIC and Deleter’ - Janice Long, BBC Radio Wales

Welsh alternative noise quartet DEATH CULT ELECTRIC unleash their next phase in world domination in the form of the video for their second single, ‘Deleter’ released via Black Maraca Records with full distribution by CD Baby. The band recently unveiled a short Public Information Film to support the release prior to revealing the full promo video which lands 24th April.

The frantic post apocalyptic promo video was all filmed and edited by the band themselves - we think it’s OFF THE SCALE - worthy of anything David Lynch shot at his most unhinged and would happily fit anything Charlie Brooker might come up with for the next series of Black Mirror. Singer Steffan commented, “We wanted it all to look like it was filmed and presented like zealot fanatic's cable tv show,” adding, “ We wanted to create a whole world, our own universe and populate it with these crazy figures from our imagination, not just four guys in a garage". We love the fact the band have built an entire dystopian universe across their releases, with Steffan agreeing, quoting in character the lyrics to ‘Deleter’, “A counter culture aneurysm! Yes the Ego has landed”, the singer goes on to say, “This part propaganda, part news, part shopping channel, will be your most reliable source of information from this day forward. Gone are the days of fake news!” We think ‘Deleter’ certainly feels like watching GMTV after 48 hours of sleep deprivation, with Steffan adding, “Delete everything that you previously thought was true and bask in the fountain of wisdom,” expanding more on the universe they’ve created, “In these times of uncertainty, tune in to “Gates of Harmony” for your daily dose of truth and unprecedented riffs. We certainly will - you should, and make sure you listen at MAXIMUM VOLUME.

DEATH CULT ELECTRIC emerged at the tail end of 2019 to widespread critical acclaim - fronted by Steffan Pringle formerly of ESTRONS and erst-whilst Welsh wunderkid producer responsible for Boy Azooga, HIMALAYAS, ESTRONS, Adwaith. Steffan's CV reads like a who's who of Welsh Music and the moniker of Welsh Butch Vig is thoroughly deserved as Steffan has crafted many key releases that have earned BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2, 6 Music, Radio X, Amazing Radio, Spotify and Beats 1 support over the last few years. New single ‘Deleter’ as with debut ‘She Comes Too Quick’ features the thump of BOY AZOOGA’s Davey Newington on drums and former ESTRONS live bassist ‘Craig Shankland’ on throbbing low end duties. ‘Deleter’ is a song for this technology obsessed times, a riff that forces itself into your skull and then sets up home in your brain, toggles the repeat function, presses play and stays there, forever, no matter how loud you scream!

Tired of the lack of innovation in music, DEATH CULT ELECTRIC are heading leading the charge with their own brand of dystopian noisy rock, leaving you wondering if you heard the name right, DEATH CULT ELECTRIC. A name determined by a mysterious panel pulling the lever on a cool band name generator. ‘Deleter’ is the sound of nuclear detonation distilled into digital format, yet from chaos comes reason. Commented Steffan, ‘The song is about forgetting everything you've known before and moving forward’. DEATH CULT ELECTRIC are Steffan Pringle, Thomas Craig Beedem, Craig Shankland and Alec Rees. Watch the video for debut, ‘She Comes Too Quick’

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