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When It's Gone ~ new single out now

Narrow Skies are so excited to bring you the second song from their brand new 'Earth' project. You may remember they released I Wonder last month, and you’ll hear that this single, When It’s Gone, is very much a contrast in every way to their earlier release.

When It’s Gone is written as an exploration of the human impact on our planet. As they began their Earth project and started to venture into the themes of climate change, one of the things that has deeply resonated with them is their overuse of the planet’s resources.

As humans continue to exploit and plunder Earth’s natural resources, it battles to support life in our oceans, and we see climate change impact life with record temperatures being reported across the globe.

When It’s Gone attempts to encapsulate an emotional response to seeing all of this destruction, as an onlooker who is watching these events take place, and is almost powerless to stop it.

And while this may be an uncomfortable or challenging concept, we live in hope that there are solutions to this existential crisis, and that we can come together to individually and collectively change the course that we are currently on.

Writing this music, which is inspired so much by the world we live in, seems timely and they hope it provides time for us all to pause and reflect on where we are and where we want to be.