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When the feeling is all that matters - Great Pacific Orchestra released a new single

Great Pacific Orchestra has just released the second single from their upcoming album “Fragile Things”. The single, titled “Time Is A Window”, represents at first glance the more upbeat side of GPO, but what begins as a rather light-hearted romp, develops later on into something entirely different as the song progresses to its massive end suite.

The years are just a number and time is just a window. Sometimes a day can feel as long as a lifetime, but sooner or later everything has to come to an end, and that is exactly the way it should be. This is the tale that this song wants to tell.

Great Pacific Orchestra (or GPO if you wish to be more casual) is a community of Finnish musicians who, above all, wish to explore.

GPO composes music that is sometimes poignant and emotional, sometimes playful, trippy, or even gloomily heavy. Even though crossing the genre limits is nowadays considered a massive cliché, that is exactly what GPO stands for, still sounding like itself and no one else.

One more song, with a feeling, dear friends. You are most welcome to join our expedition.

Great Pacific Orchestra:

Janne Siekkinen - Vocals Mikko Peiju - Guitars Jouni Kauppinen - Drums, percussions and backing vocals Marco Haikonen: Bass and rhythm guitars, keyboards Jukka Helminen: Bass and rhythm guitars, keyboards Antti Kemppainen: Subliminal keyboard trips

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