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Where Did Nora Go "I'm Still Here"-Lyric-Video

WHERE DID NORA GO with emotional single "I`m Still Here"

After five years the gifted Danish singer releases music again, at the end of November the EP "Womb of Life" is released.

What does this song mean to Astrid:

“This song came to me one day - complete, from beginning to end. It was still a very tough time, and ‘I’m still here’ is obviously a very emotional song. Having gone through a lot of anguish and pain, having emerged on the other side. Still alive. Bruised but still standing. Perhaps even stronger. I think all of us at some point in life go through really hard times. It’s part of life and part of our learning process. For me – I didn’t know how hard those times had been on me till I was on the other side. Coming close to losing my premature daughters, not knowing if they’d survive… Now – after we’ve all emerged safe and sound - I believe this experience has strengthened me, opened me up to a much greater love and knowing and washed away some of the shallow aspects of the ego and everyday life. And for that I am deeply grateful. ‘I’m Still Here’ is about persevering, surviving and about gratitude. There is this innate resilient lifeforce in all of us. We are all still here. For a while anyway. Damn. We better appreciate it while it lasts.”

Here you can watch the great video:

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