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"Instrumental Country Music" is a phrase that's not often heard in today's musical landscape. Not since "Dueling Banjos" and "Ghost Riders In The Sky" have instrumentals dominated the airwaves. However, that isn't stopping iTunes chart-topping act See Your Shadow Songwriting from releasing their latest ground-breaking single. "My Worth" will be released on August 4th, 2020. It is the follow-up to their Top 20 Christian Music Weekly and #1 iTunes country chart (South Africa) single, "I Will Tell Jesus You Said Hello."

See Your Shadow's Artistic Director Michael "The Metropolitan Cowboy" Coleman tells the story behind "My Worth:" "The foundation for the song began to be laid when, after a few drinks, I picked up a pair of bongos and started beating on them. I shared the beat with the See Your Shadow Network of Stars when we were in the recording studio, and an impromptu jam session ensued.it was from that impromptu jam session, "My Worth" was born."

"My Worth' sat in the See Your Shadow catalog for quite some time as just a fond memory. When we relaunched with our new sound and new brand, I pulled 'My Worth' off the shelf and decided to include it as part of our new body of work. "At first, I was going to sit down and write some lyrics to the piece but after listening to it over and over, I thought the piece just stood so strong on its own as an instrumental. I think it showcases our range."

A line dance and dance remix for "My Worth" are in the works.

ABOUT SEE YOUR SHADOW SONGWRITING: After primarily being known for its dance club music, and its work in film and television, See Your Shadow Songwriting re-branded itself and decided to switch its focus and sound to its first love, country and western. With a new stable of vocalists and musicians, See Your Shadow Songwriting, has crafted and developed its new sound, hearkening back to the vivid storytelling and emotion of old school country. Based in Arizona, See Your Shadow features Michael Coleman as Artistic Director. He is the only songwriter to be a nominee for Ohio's Poet Laureate position. Learn more about See Your Shadow Songwriting and experience the See Your Shadow Songwriting sound at its flagship website, seeyourshadow.com.


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