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Will You Be My Lady?

Will You Be My Lady? Is the 4th release from up & coming North London rapper, Teyamade. Born and raised in London, Teyamade’s inner city routes can be heard in this single with some of the word choices, slang and references that feel so natural on the track while not alienating listeners whom do not live in a big city such as London. Will You Be My Lady? also draws in some pop elements and smoothly blends it with urban rap to give you a mainstream song that is family friendly while also makes you want to move your feet.

The concept of this song is essentially a love letter to his crush. This concept benefits the song experience as the idea of fancying a girl and wanting to date is universal, therefore is relatable to any listener, boy, girl, young or old.

Will You Be My Lady? has so far been a streaming success and you can expect many more great music to come from Teyamade.



Discovered via Musosoup