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Wreck-Defy, the Canadian thrash metal band released a new single!

Single cover by: Joni Kantoniemi

Canadian thrash metal band Wreck-Defy released their first single from the upcoming album Remnants of Pain which is set to be released in September 27th 2019 by Finnish record label Inverse Records. The band features Matt Hanchuck on guitars, Aaron Randall on vocals (ex-Annihilator ), Greg Christian on bass (ex-Testament) and Alex Marquez on drums (Solstice, ex-Malevolent Creation, ex-Cephalic Carnage, etc.)

Matt Hanchuck comments:

"Killing The Children is the first single off of our new album Remnants Of Pain and we feel that this song, best represents what to expect from this band....in your face riffs...pummeling drums...and a singer with the ability to tear your heart out during the verses and caress your soul during the chorus...."

The album was mixed mastered and edited by Juan Urteaga (Testament, Exhumed, Machine Head, etc.) in Pacheco California

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