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Xander Black shares his uplifting single 'Wannabe'

Singer-Songwriter Xander Black has released his first single Wannabe in line with the release of his debut self-titled album.

Wannabe is both a pledge and a proposal to that person who is ‘the one’. A breezy, carefree tune recorded primarily on ukulele which hopefully lights up a few smiles over the next summer after the year that has been 2020.

Xander Black has a sound that has been shaped by time. With a background of classic rock and contemporary pop, Xander also found himself thrown into the world of country music, having performed themed shows around Australia and the world at Arts Festivals, on Cruise Ships, and various television shows since 2014. A career highlight for Xander was playing alongside grammy award winning artist Gotye in 2017. The self-titled debut album has been a two year project combining all of these styles and influences to showcase the songwriting of Xander Black, with inspiration from Crowded House to Johnny Cash.

Throughout Wannabe and the his album as whole, Xander Black exudes a genuinely generous spirit. His innate happy- go-lucky self is expressed in the smallest of details, as evidence when talking about the recording process “In each refrain if you listen carefully you can hear the sound of a zip going up and down – we recorded an actual zipper through a microphone and it’s probably my favourite part of the song”. The album was recorded in Vas Studios in Kalamunda, WA. Mixed by Jeff Tomei for Rockit Productions (USA), mastered by Glenn Schick Mastering (USA). All instruments and vocals by Xander Black, drums by Vassya Shevtsov.

Wannabe is the greatest introduction to Xander Black’s unflinchingly vibrant sound, there is a whole world of positivity within him, Wannabe expresses his desire to bring you into this world with warmth and charm.



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