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Zellda shares her new single 'Like You Do'

Like You Do is the second single from Western Australian singer songwriter Zellda, a melody that captures the fear and excitement that begins when finding a new love.

In Zellda’s soft folk-inspired tone, Like You Do is a raw and honest account of the self-talk that comes into play when wrestling with the emotions of wanting to dive head first into something new but also holding back to avoid potential heartbreak.

‘My few steps back into the dating pool were misguided, feeling that familiar flicker begin to spark only to be left a little burned by it. These feelings aren’t always easy to navigate. Sometimes previous experiences - good and bad - can leave such a lasting influence on our self-confidence and ability to trust that it’s often easier to avoid feelings all together.’ - Zellda

After a decade writing songs, Zellda decided to let her creations wander beyond the walls of her bedroom, launching her debut single When I Was Younger in 2019. The single attracted the attention of RAW: natural born artists Australia, landing her a spot in the 2020 RAW Premiere showcase in February.

Zellda first penned Like You Do back in 2015, and has since reimagined the track. Recorded at Fatback Productions, an indie production studio in Perth’s northern suburbs owned and operated by local drummer Samuel Pettit. Zellda wrote the lyrics and main melody, while Sam played drums and produced the track, adding the layers of different sounds - electric, synth, piano and more.

Like You Do reimagines the love song, refreshing “butterflies in the stomach” by adding a depth and compassionate relevance to the idiom and capturing within this endearing single.



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