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Zen Parks - Times of Sorrow

Zen Parks began as a solo concept in 2016 by singer/songwriter Mateo Guidali. A year later, Rafael Aritmendi would join the project including drums and percussion instruments to the mix.

Matt & Rafa met in high school where they started sharing their eclectic music taste. Matt is an avid fan of the 60's & 70's music but he also started to find a taste for modern bands like Glass Animals, Jungle, alt-J, Tame Impala, etc...

Rafa grew up listening to rock and metal music and is also a founder member of the metal band Deathsurrection and a drummer for Avulsed.

Together they found a way to mix different styles & they usually don't like to define their music by a specific genre.

They published a self-financed E.P. called Mysteries of Venus in 2017 & just released their crowdfunded second E.P. called Times of Sorrow.

Their biggest strength is that they like to experiment with different sounds and genres without diverging too much from an overall pop feel.

Inspiration behind EP:

After an EP with romantic undertones (Mysteries of Venus, 2017), Zen Parks went behind their existentialist facet.

Passion is a song immersed in mystery and travels through a dystopian world where passion is not allowed.

IDK may sound like a confused romance but the lyrics point out to an internal dialogue and the understanding of the ego.

I Believe (in you) is a happy tune. An uplifter. Can U See Me talks about indecision and self-doubt but tries to push the positive side of our reality.

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