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Sonya Kosta is a singer, songwriter, and keyboard player who has influences from classical, rock, pop, jazz, and indie music. She has been discovered by record label White Lion Audio, through which she has released Wanna Wake Up, a song with retro-rock, symphonic elements, and impressively ethereal vocals. Her music teachers have characterized her as a ‘’special case’’ due to the unique quality of her voice.


She has reached one of the top positions for artists from Greece and has a notable trajectory on the international charts of ReverbNation. Wanna Wake Up has also been chosen to be on ReverbNation's curation programme. Born and raised in Athens, Greece, Sonya has always been interested in various cultures and lifestyles. She is a university graduate from the National University of Athens, where she studied English Language and Literature. She combined her university studies with singing and music theory lessons. Sonya has lived in the UK for 3 years, where she studied performance and music part-time.


She found the multicultural atmosphere and architecture in London, where she spent a whole year, particularly inspiring. As the lead vocalist of an indie band in Athens for 4 years, she has honed her skills and caught the attention of Europe-based producers, who showed great eagerness to work with her because of her unique talent as a singer and lyricist. As a result of her collaboration with this band, a new album will be released through White Lion Audio soon.


Sonya has been influenced by her studies in literature and draws inspiration from poetry. Her performances run the gamut of different moods: They are characterized by vivacity and spontaneity, but also by introspection and melancholia. Having studied theatre and taken part in devised and classical performances in England, the element of theatricality permeates her lyrics, recording sessions, and stage presence. Her past songs have already been aired on radio stations in Germany and Switzerland, while Wanna Wake Up has already been played on JMedia-FM and Poze Radio. Being an avid learner, she is currently developing her skills as a keyboard player. At the same time, she is working on creating a new single. Her goal is to move people profoundly and reach a worldwide audience as a solo artist.