Songwriter/Singer, Zarko, made his debut in 2013. with CD "Chasing Dreams" recorded in Oklahoma. "Offering My Song", a single from debut album, won Zarko a valuable Audio Production Scholarship at SAE Institute. Studies at SAE helped Zarko start a career of Audio Professional, working for an international Radio Production company based in Serbia (Europe). As a musician, Zarko performed with various bands exploring the Rock'n'Roll scene in his hometown (Belgrade, Serbia).


His songwriting is influenced by the likes of John Lennon, Jackson Browne, Neil Young, Tom Petty, John Fogerty (among others) his early childhood musical influences, but he decided to study classical music. After years of music education Zarko developed a fingerpicking technique influenced by classical, flamenco and folk music he used to play. He continues to explore music and performs with various Rock bands, writing and publishing original songs.


Rainbow, modern rock track, was his second release in 2014. Influenced by Country and Americana sound, Zarko continues to write personal and introspective songs. "Look At Me", a track from 2015, opened a new chapter in his musical life and brought Zarko back to his storytelling roots - the music of Jackson Browne and Bob Dylan. In the summer of 2016. Zarko released "Remedy", a song written after recovering from a near-fatal brain stroke a few years ago. "Love is a Paper Plane", the latest single release from Zarko will be featured in his upcoming EP, "Paper Planes. Nigerian soul/pop Singer/Songwriter Cill, features in the song "Love is a Paper Plane". The video instantly drew the attention of Instagram audience. Zarko writes both instrumental acoustic guitar music and Songs and he shares the music with Instragram audience daily.